What Makes a Website Design Productive?

On June 13, 2017 by All Time Data

Needless to say, your website is an integral part of your business. Therefore, it is significant to pay that much attention it is worthy of. You might have witnessed that excellent website design, deliver great results for businesses. Read this blog that describes the fundamentals of a good and productive web design.


In a survey, it is found that online visitors stay an average of less than 7 seconds on more than 90% of websites they explore. It indicates that you only have 5 to 7 seconds to display yourself (business), what you do and how you are different from others. Therefore, while designing a website, make sure you demonstrate the brief about your business in the middle and front of the home page.


It has been often seen that business owners or corporate holders questioning that why their website design is not converting potential visitors into clients. It is just happening due to lack of call to action. General call to actions are contact phone number or buttons such as “SHOP NOW” or “ORDER NOW”. Productive websites include value lead ‘call to actions’ that ingeniously encourage probable visitors to take a step forward.


Conversion tracking is one of the most crucial aspect that most of the website owners often neglect, however, it is one of the hassle free approach to be practiced. No matter, whether it’s a simple or complicated web design, it is significant to know the number of  sales or the number of orders you have received and the expenditure to attain them. Thus, a business owner or corporate holder can evaluate its marketing strategy, can make modifications and improvements in its web design.


Commonly, a website owner doesn’t take ABOUT PAGE of the website seriously and they are often boring  and not created concerning readers or visitors. The existence of your company is grounded on its customers, therefore, About Us page of the website should be grounded on customers. The website, including the About Us page should give the information concerning how the website is beneficial for customers. Creative and practiced web designer would help you to create the About Us page in the best possible manner.


The relevant, informative and quality content is the key to make your promotional efforts effective. Without appropriate content, you will not be able to describe about your business/services/product and can’t attract the targeted visitors. Everything released by the website, be it a press release, newsletter or e-mail, should be informative, user engaging and relevant. The language of content should be easy, portioned and suitable to the customer’s concern. Premium-quality content expresses influence and truthfulness. Therefore, probable visitors are more expected to buy from business websites that endow the time and endeavor into sharing their message in a smart and tempting way.


An innovative and visually alluring design of a website plays a significant role to draw more and more probable customers to the website and they tend to stay on such website too. Moreover, they would also refer or share it with others too. A visually convincing and inventive website design establishes the quality of your company and your product straight away. The visitors will evaluate your business or company as per visuals of your website. If your business website has average looks, then visitors would consider your business or company to be average. If you wish to make your business stand out among competitors, then choose to have a customized, yet groundbreaking web design that can define your brand, product or services perfectly on the World Wide Web.


Always try to design or create a website based on the visitor’s point of view as it would support them to interact and enhance the conversation. A user friendly website that provides relevant information, whether it is product description, contact details or a brief introduction of the business domain, is always appreciated by visitors or users. You will get a better idea of this, if you start thinking as per visitors or users point of view. Once you find out the anticipations  and  the needs of users, ask your web designer to do the same.


The world has gone online these days and majority of the people have internet access today. As per a recent survey, most of them use internet through smart phones than desktop. Therefore, it is imperative to have a website design that is not only striking, but also fit and responsive to mobile and tablet screens as well. A responsive web design makes sure that no matter which device a user is operating (Desktop/laptop/mobile phone/tablet), the content of the website would be delivered in the most useful way.


A heart-winning and functional web design rely on the web designer or web designing agency you choose. A reliable and efficient agency will execute all we have discussed previously. Therefore, choosing a web designing service is vital for your business. Prior to being settled with a web designing service provider agency, make sure the agency or service provider is profoundly aware of the aspects of web designing we have mentioned above.

With a highly creative team of practiced web designers, ALL TIME DATA is considered as one of the top web designing agencies that offers custom web designing for your business site and ensures that the website will contain all those features we have talked about in this write-up and sure to help you get maximum out of expenditure you have made to design of your website.

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