The Possibilities and Impact of Voice Searches In Upcoming Years

On March 16, 2018 by All Time Data

Google’s chief executive officer Sunadar Pichai has recently disclosed that 20 % queries on Google through mobile applications along with Android devices are voice searches. Since the introduction of personal helper apps such as Google Now, Cortana, and Siri has made performing voice searches so easy  and played a major role to give accurate answers of the smartphone users’ queries.

The essential distinction between text search and voice search is the exactness of the outcomes that a person gets while entering the search inquiry. A voice search is based on guesswork beyond searching as the search objective is quite obvious from the user and as an outcome the search engine (Google) delivers the most precise results. So in its place of receiving a number of distinct links as a result of a text-based query, the user will receive the most applicable answers in reply to the search.

For case, a Google user who needs to know about Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg through a text-based query is more probably to keyword in the name itself as the search inquiry, on the other hand users who perform voice searches have a propensity to be more precise and will say “Who is Mark Zuckerberg?” or something like this and will obtain correct results instantly.

Voice and image searches are expected to cover as a minimum half of entire google searches by 2020.  It is consequently in the awareness of websites to become accustomed and familiarize yourself to this seismic alteration that one can look forward from text search to voice search in the forthcoming years.

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